We Don’t Waste A Lot of Our Tax Dollars on Welfare

According to the Department of the Treasury, in 2016, the federal government spent $3.8 Trillion to pay its bills (I.e. Military, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Education etc.). Here’s how much of it was spent:

* Medicare/Medicaid  – $1.1 Trillion

* Social Security  – $976 Billion

* Dept. of Defense  – $565 Billion

* Dept. of Treasury INTEREST ONLY on our Debt – $429 Billion

Those four “items” alone account for roughly $.80 for every $1 spent by the federal government.

Also according to the Department of the Treasury, the food stamps program which is part of spending through the Department of Agriculture, is less than 2% of overall federal spending each year. 2 cents of every $1 we pay in taxes

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