Why Can’t We Just Make Taxes Simpler to Do?

It’s safe to say that most Americans want a simpler way to file their tax returns. It’s a sentiment that we all hear around the country. But the reality of how complicated many people’s lives are make the prospect of a simpler tax return almost impossible.

The tax code will always stay complicated because it incentives certain “trying, positive societal behavior.” Namely, going to college or a trade school, buying a home, running a business that employs people, having a family while working. And many others.

Yes, there is abuse and there is a need to fix a lot of our tax code. However, lets think about this scenario. If I sit in my relatives garage playing video games (not as a job) all day and contribute nothing to society, should I get the same treatment as someone who is “trying?” Going to school, struggling with daycare, etc.

That’s why the tax code will always be complicated in a nation of 320 million people.

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