What Are the State Income Tax Rates for Each of the 50 States?

Colorful USA map with states and capital citiesRecently, a friend of mine asked about the state income taxes she would have to pay for the state she was moving to from New York. It’s a question that comes up every so often. In this particular case and others, she wasn’t sure if she was going to have to pay more in income taxes or less in the new state.

I did some research and gave her the information but the question opened up a question as to what the income tax rate is for each of the 50 states. So in doing some more search I found some helpful information. Information that lets movers know what happens to their take home pay at the state level when they move from one state to another.

Here’s a link to the state by state breakdown:


It’s also worth noting that if the move involves the same employer, the human resources department needs to be made aware of the state move to make sure the proper taxes are adjusted to avoid future potential problems.


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