Free Tax Return Reviews

At TaxAssurances we love Turbotax by Intuit and all of the other self prep tax software out there! We would give it away for free if we could.

To most people that sounds strange. Why would a professional tax preparer like something that cuts them out completely and is cheaper competition?

I’ll tell you why. FREE REVIEWS!!! That’s why TaxAssurances loves Turbotax.

Over the years, in doing FREE REVIEWS of Turbotax and other self prepared tax returns that have already been filed with the IRS, TaxAssurances has realized that between 25 – 30% of the returns were wrong. Flat out!

The taxpayer cheated themself out of a bigger tax refund because they didn’t want to “pay someone a lot of money just to put numbers in the computer.” They could “do it themselves and save money.”

So when we’ve shown the taxpayer the hundreds or thousands of dollars extra in refunds they were entitled to but #missed, they gladly pay the extra $250 or more to #fixit and get their bigger refund. And tell friends what we did.

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