Food Stamps Argument in Walmart

Recently, a working man and woman had an argument about him using food stamps to buy food for his family in Walmart. Here’s the video (strong language advisory):

First of all, he’s with his child. She’s way out of line. Second of all, it’s ironic they’re inside Walmart which is responsible for countless American manufacturing and other jobs being shipped overseas. All in the name of lower prices for customers like her.

Also, Walmart routinely avoids paying taxes to the US federal government on its overseas profits by keeping it in Luxembourg. But she still shops there and doesn’t lecture/protest them.

As for her disrespect directed at him. It’s over MAYBE $.03 for every $1 of federal taxes she paid. Not even a nickel. If she knew the following numbers, she probably wouldn’t have been such a jerk to this working man and his child.

In fiscal 2015 the Federal government did the following:

Spent a total of $3.687 Trillion.

Here’s how it was spent on the larger “items.”

* Medicare/Medicaid Spending for 2015 – $1 Trillion ($.27 for every $1 spent)

* Social Security Spending for 2015 – $944 Billion ($.26 for every $1 spent)

* Dept. of Defense Spending for 2015 – $562 Billion ($.15 for every $1 spent)

* Dept. of Treasury INTEREST ONLY on our Debt – $402 Billion ($.11 for every $1 spent)

Those four “items” alone account for $.79 for every $1 spent by the federal government.

The other $.31 combined spending goes for everything else including Education, Veterans, Homeland Security, Housing & Urban Development, Transportation, Energy, Agriculture, Environmental Protection

As for her/our tax dollars that this working man is spending:
Dept. of Agriculture – SNAP/Child Nutrition/WIC combined programs– $103 Billion ($.0279 for every $1 spent)

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