Book Release from TaxAssurances


We’re proud to announce the release of our first book, “Top 12 Tax Deductions You Might Have Missed. Tax Tips For People Who Do Their Own Federal Taxes” on Amazon (link in picture).

Every year, our tax clients ask what other tax benefits they can take advantage of. And with every client, that answer is different and depends on their individual circumstances.

But even though every client has a different set of circumstances, some tax benefits are standard and basic under the IRS tax code. And people may not be aware of them. Why?

Because the IRS tax code is long and complicated. Even some of what we have in this book is somewhat detailed. There are a lot of situations for the IRS to consider. But most people don’t have the time, interest or energy to go through it all. That’s our job here at TaxAssurances, LLC.

This book highlights some basic benefits available to taxpayers they may not be aware of. And most importantly, we provide exact IRS wording on what they want in specific situations.

We do offer this word of caution. For those individuals that aren’t sure if they have a simple or complicated tax return, we strongly recommend that they seek professional, personalized tax help. TaxAssurances and other firms are here for that. The savings and clarity are worth it.

Also, because of specific personal circumstances, readers should not solely rely on this book for guidance.

We put this Top 12 list together for people who file simple tax returns. Nothing complicated or complex. It’s designed to complement them as they prepare their own tax returns.

They’ve gone to the store and bought the prep software for $30 or $40 and are comfortable doing their own returns. Also, they don’t want to pay a tax preparer a bunch of money for a simple return. And the last thing they want to do is sit in an office waiting for the preparer to finish the return. They want this process to be quick and easy.

These tax filers do understand however that there might be simple and easy tax benefits that they can take advantage of that they might not be aware of. This book helps them out.

This book does not cover itemized deductions or handling homeownership. It also doesn’t cover having investments or rental properties.

The layout and chapters are simple. They match up with the tax benefits themselves. So if a reader wants a quick overview, they can just go through the table of contents. There they can find the benefit that may apply to their life and go to that chapter.

So hopefully this book provides just what readers are looking for in tax benefits for their life.

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Author: TaxAssurances, LLC

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