Find Out the Status of Your Amended Federal Tax Return


Every so often, taxpayers have to make changes to the returns they have filed with the IRS. To do so, the taxpayer would simply fill out what’s called an amended tax return.

This amended tax return allows them to make any number of changes for that tax year. For instance, it may include income that was previously left off the first return. It may also allow them to take a deduction that might have been left off the initial return. Either way, the corrections can be made and submitted to the IRS.

Once the IRS receives the amended return, the taxpayer should give the IRS between 3 and 16 weeks to process the new return. The length of time for processing really comes down to how simple or complicated the corrections are.

If the taxpayer gets anxious and thinks they should have heard something already about the amended return, they can check online.

They will simply need to provide their social security number, date of birth and zip code at the following link and they will get a brief status update on their amended federal tax return.

Find out the status of your amended federal tax return

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