Why Do IRS Scams Work?

burglar1It’s April fool’s day so it only seems right to review IRS scams. We hear about it all the time. Someone gets a phone call they believe is from the IRS. The person ends up sharing personal information or even sends money and later finds out they are the victims of a scam.

Meanwhile, many Americans will think the following:

Friend #1: It’s still very difficult to believe people still fall for this…year, after year.

Friend #2: I know right…

The reason most people get caught in a scam like this is because they generally get very, very nervous when they think it’s the IRS. They freeze. And many times they have the same reaction when they think it’s the state revenue department. The scammers are playing a numbers game and playing on those emotional fears.

Over the years, I’ve professionally come across many people I’ve had to calm down in dealing with the IRS or the state they live in. Both agencies, for many taxpayers, have very negative emotions around them. And if some people think they are getting a call from them that fear sets in.

The other advantage the criminals have is that many people are being contacted in isolation. Outside of family and friends. The fear the victim has in this case is being judged harshly in revealing tax and financial problems to loved ones.

If the victims think they do have a problem and aren’t sure of the way the IRS or state look to settle debts, they will just look to solve the problem themselves. Avoiding potential embarrassment in revealing the problem to others. However, it will hurt them in the long run.

So if a person gets a call from someone saying they are from the IRS, they should hang up. If however they also know that they have an outstanding debt with the IRS, they can get the IRS’ contact information from off their website at http://www.irs.gov.

From there, individuals can call the IRS and get an account summary. Next, if they do owe anything, they can work out a payment plan. They can also apply for an OIC. Doing this will truly resolve issues with the IRS and help provide taxpayers with peace of mind.


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Author: TaxAssurances, LLC

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